Information for Volunteers

Expenses - will I be paid for using my car?

Yes, RCS pays a contribution currently of 38p a mile towards your car travel, bus expenses are also paid.

Training - Do you offer any training?

Yes, we have at least 2 training sessions a year, together with a rolling programme of induction for all our new volunteers.

Social Events - Is there a chance to meet other volunteers?

Yes, as well as training sessions we have 2 annual social events for volunteers, one in the summer and one at Christmas time, where you will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers.

Contact - What do I do if I have a problem?

The staff are in regular contact with volunteers and the families they visit. However, if the volunteer has a problem or concern then they can contact a member of staff anytime to chat over any concerns they may have.

Insurance - Am I covered by any insurance?

Yes, you are covered by Ryedale Carers Support Employers�€™ Liability Insurance when volunteering with us. We recommend that you inform your car insurance that you will be using your car for volunteering and we have a standard form that you can give to your insurance company to notify them.


If you would like to talk through the possibilities of becoming a volunteer please contact Ryedale Carers Support on 01751 432288 or email us at enquires@ryedalecarers.org.uk

Role of the Volunteer (pdf download)

pdf gif Role of the Volunteer (pdf 32kb)

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